Maternal Facilities

  1. Routine prenatal care with emphasis on education and prevention.
  2. Fetal well being studies utilizing ultrasound, Doppler studies and electronic fetal monitoring to make sure of the fetal well-being.
  3. Fetal growth studies- Intra uterine growth curves and monitoring to make sure that growth pattern of the baby is normal and to rule out Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR).
  4. Prenatal education classes - Series of classes are offered to interested couples on nutrition, exercises, warning signals and the dos and don'ts, in pregnancy, breast feeding issues, new born care etc.
  5. Yoga, meditation and Vedas in pregnancy.
  6. Birthing room facilities with an in-room mini jacuzzi
  7. Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques to cope with labor.
  8. Complete pain relief modalities during labor from Entonox inhalation agents to epidural anesthesia.
  9. Husbands in labor room if requested and when the situation permits.
  10. Personalized care by midwifery trained and experienced nurses.
  11. Round the clock availability of qualified and trained obstetricians, Pediatricians and anesthetists in the hospital.
  12. All critical care facilities including blood banking available in the hospital at all times if the need arises for such care.

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