Educational Activity

Health education and spreading knowledge are to be considered as cornerstones for any health resource providing organization.

Womens Center and its staff have been at the forefront of these educational activities for the last 25 years. A wide spectrum of activities have been undertaken, such as:

  • CME programs for ob-gyn specialists on a variety of issues
  • Live surgical workshops on recent surgical techniques
  • Postgraduate teaching sessions
  • Public education classes and lectures
  • Media information through TV, radio, newspapers, journals
  • Health education for adolescent girl children in high schools and colleges

Charitable Trust / Social Activity

Womens Health Care in India faces a wide variety of challenges. Providing even basic access to the health care system for rural woman is often a major problem. In recognition of this significant societal need, Womens Center has made this its social agenda. A significant amount of its time, energy and space are dedicated, as free service, towards the welfare of rural woman.

Educating a woman is equal to educating her entire family. This effort subsequently improves the entire social fabric.

Womens Center recruits volunteers from the villages, for a weeklong maternal and child welfare training course. It provides them with free transportation to and from Coimbatore, accommodation and training. They are also provided with free delivery kits with the essentials for emergencies. This free service has the support of other philanthropic agencies, local administration and officials.