We all know “prevention is better than cure”. A healthy woman nurtures a healthy family, which is why even the smallest of ailments to her affects the whole family. Women are increasingly prone to various health problems in the current age. Womens Center recognizes the importance and need for preventive health care.

Womes Wellness Checks at our center are designed specifically with women of different ages and requirements in mind. These tests are recommended to be taken by every woman and adolescent, on a regular basis. Women who have a family or genetic history of health problems will have individualized care provided.

Comprehensive advice will be provided by our expert team comprising of obstetrician, gynecologists, cardiologist, diabetologists, pulmonologists, physiotherapists and dieticians. Womens Center helps you address any early signs identified through the wellness checks, which includes cancer screening. If further investigations, referrals or follow-up are needed, appropriate course of action will be provided.

Our dedicated team will welcome and guide you through the whole process. Please email or call us for any further queries.

Pre Wellness Check

Women choosing Pre-Conception, Executive, Executive +, Premier or Platinum packages should make an appointment from the 06th to the 12th day of your period or after bleeding has completely stopped. It is also advised you abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 2 days prior to the appointment date. This enables us to get a proper Pap smear sample and helps the Pathologist in reading the sample better with less chance of requiring a repeat test.

Mammograms taken from the 6th to the 12th day of your cycle is less painful to perform for women in the above 45 years age group and still having periods. Breast tissue is less lumpy at that time giving a better result.

The day before your appointment, have normal dinner before 8:00 PM and only water after that up to 11:00 PM. Do not eat or drink anything else till after the blood tests.

Wellness Check

It will take 4-6 hours to undergo all the investigations and examination.

When you arrive, you will be guided to the lab area first for all the fasting blood tests. Then you will be provided a light breakfast with a beverage at our health check lounge.

After breakfast, you will be given a health questionnaire to fill in. Our co-ordinator will then guide you for the next course of action depending on the Wellness Plan of your choice.

As part of the wellness checks, you will get to see one of our physiotherapists and a dietician who will advise you on your physical fitness and diet modulation or alternation as is required.

Post Wellness Check

Blood test results will be available the same day and a written report on your general health will be given to you before you leave our hospital. Pap Smear however takes up to 7 days to be reported. This will be conveyed to you by telephone and will be ready to collect any time thereafter.

If the Wellness check shows a need for further investigations, referrals or follow-up you will be referred to our team of specialists for further management / treatment.

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To make an appointment for a wellness check call 0422 420 1000 or email us at wellness@womenscenterindia.com

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