Oncology and Cancer Screening

Malignancy is still one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in Indian women. Incidences of cervical cancers are much higher in India than in the western world. Types and profiles of malignancies that occur in Indian women are different from other countries. Despite the high incidence rates there are very few well set up screening programs in India.

Women's Center encourages cancer screening for all reproductive age group women. It offers the complete range of cancer screening options as routine procedures for asymptomatic women. It also encourages more specific screening for high-risk groups.

Screening procedures offered:

Uterine malignancies

Uterine cervical cancer (most common in Indian women)

  • Pap smears – yearly pap smears encouraged for all women. Smears reported under Bethesda system by reputable pathologists
  • Colposcopy – All abnormal Pap smears are followed by Colposcopy for more definite diagnosis and specific treatment
  • Electro surgical procedures (LOOP / LEEP procedures), Cone biopsies and cryosurgery as needed.

Endometrial cancer

  • Sonohystrogram and office hysteroscopy as necessary with directed biopsy procedure

Myometrial lesions

  • Screened by ultrasound and Doppler studies

Ovarian malignancies

  • Biochemical and imaging modalities for ovarian malignancies

Ovarian malignancies

  • Biochemical and imaging modalities for ovarian malignancies

Breast Cancer

  • Mammography and high definition ultrasound imaging

Bowel lesions

  • Biochemical tests and Stool occult blood, endoscopy

Blood cancers

  • Blood cancers affect the production and function of your blood cells. Most of these cancers start in your bone marrow where blood is produced. Stem cells in your bone marrow mature and develop into three types of blood cells: red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets. In most blood cancers, the normal blood cell development process is interrupted by uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell. These abnormal blood cells, or cancerous cells, prevent your blood from performing many of its functions, like fighting off infections or preventing serious bleeding.

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